Central Dalmatia Route 1

Central Dalmatia Route 1

Central Dalmatia Route 1
Day City
Saturday Split
Sunday Bol
Monday Stari Grad
Tuesday Hvar
Wednesday Vela Luka
Thursday Vis
Friday Split
Saturday Split

Day 1: Split

You join us in Split, a town the grew out of an imperial Roman palace over a period of 1700+ years, and offers these layers of history and architecture on the palm of your hand, waiting for you to grasp it. Explore the Diocletian’s palace, hike the Marjan Park Forest, have a long coffee with the locals, and enjoy the fish from the oldest fish market in Croatia.

Day 2: Bol

Our first sail leads us to Bol, on the southern slopes of Brač Island, where some of the best olive oil in Croatia is made. The locals will pull you in, with tales of their ancient wine and oil making traditions, as this place boasts the oldest wine makers association on the Adriatic. After a 20 minute walk from the Old town, you will find the Golden Cape, one of the most famous beaches in the world.

Day 3: Stari Grad

We cross the Hvar channel, and at the end of a very deep and sheltered bay we find Stari Grad, one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Behind the town we catch glimpses of the ancient ager of Hvar, an UNESCO protected field, divided into plots by the ancient Greeks over 2500 years ago. This field, home to wines, oils and other food you won’t be able to find anywhere else, still feeds the families of Stari Grad to this day.

Day 4: Hvar

Still staying on the same island, as we move onto the other side, we near the party capital of Croatia. As soon as your feet touch the white marble port of Hvar, you are taken away on a journey of history, cuisine and party-culture, which, as the night goes on, will take you further and further down the rabbit hole of street pubs, bars and island nightclubs, in a place which is unlike any other in Croatia. For a calmer traveler, plenty of quiet nooks can be found, where you can enjoy the sights in peace, before the nighttime craziness.

Day 5: Vela Luka

We leave the EDM party tones of Hvar to enter a completely different world of music. The beautiful Vela Luka is not just one of the safest ports in the Adriatic, but also the birth place of Oliver Dragojević, the most bellowed and accomplished singer in Croatian history. Although mostly unknown outside of Europe, the life story of this incredible man, from its humble beginning in Vela Luka, up to his passing in 2018, is one not to be missed. Enjoy the sunset while listening to the music that served as the soundtrack for many Croatian lives.

Day 6: Vis

We leave Vela Luka and start on our way to join the army, as we make our way to Vis, and island with and interesting ancient, but truly fascinating recent history, that of a military run island. From WW2 until the nineties, Vis was closed off to most people and therefore retains a style of life and architecture which remains specific to itself, and makes it a unique place to experience.

Day 7: Split

As we enjoy our last morning swim stop, we ponder our last destination, one that welcomes us like an old friend. Split takes us into its arms once again, as a cherry on top of a wonderful week.

Day 8: Split

Depart after breakfast.

Sailing in Dalmatian islands - Central Adriatic

General information

The Central Adriatic area is well known for its sunny days, at the average of 300 sun-hours, and the 30 degrees Celsius. The sea maintains a lovely 22 degrees Celsius average throughout the summer, and the average windspeed stays at 6 knots, with potential disruptions due to strong Bura and Jugo winds, in sporadic episodes.