About us.

Morska lastavica (Sea Swallow) Ltd. is a privately owned company. It was founded in 11th June 2002. in Betina. Director of Irena Sladic. Our company main activity is the provide tourist services in nautical, health, congress, sports, hunting and other forms of tourism, services and accommodation.

In the beginning, for tourist excursions to the Makarska Riviera, Brač, Hvar, Kornati we used 14.5-meter wooden boat which was by its characteristics typical boat Štilac.

This 14.5-meter vessel was built in 1934. in Korcula, and served for the transport and trading in wine, olive oil, and other agricultural products, and transport of wood, marble, and closer to the time of removal of sand from the seabed and its trading. Ships true purpose was lost by construction of roads along the Adriatic coast and the widespread use of trucks as a means to transport cargo.

In history this beautiful ship has changed a few owners, and with each owner ship had experienced a certainmodification. It is written that after the building ship served its constructor, then the ship owner was from the island of Pasman, again on the island of Korcula, Dubrovnik, then the family Ercegovic Krilo in Jesenice, and finally in Betina.

Due to expanding business and tourist offers we needed better and bigger boat so that our passengers have complete comfort during longer journeys. Ship Lastavica was build in the year 2008. as a result of Captains ideas and long experience of sailing and it was the reason what makes Lastavica the unique in the world. Lastavica (Swallow) has no brother or sister. You can not see this ship anywhere else in the world.

The success of the Sea Lastavica ( Swallow ) Ltd. company is achieved thanks to talented people as well as the professional organization based on the needs and demands of the growing market. Your satisfaction is our recommendation.

Irena Sladić