About us

We are very proud that our business, based on 18 years of tradition, is family-run, and we are proud as well as of our crew who will do their very best to accommodate your wishes and make your Croatian cruise highly totally enjoyable.

  • M/S Swallow will take you through the narrow waterways into the very hearts of bustling Dalmatian cities, small Croatian island ports and hidden bays of unforgettable natural beauties.
  • M/S Lastavica is the latest addition to our growing and versatile fleet of small luxury cruise ships, whose maiden voyage is scheduled for season 2020. Inaugural cruise season is a the very special moment in every ship’s life, M/S Lastavica being no exemption.
  • M/S Swallow and M/S Lastavica are made to satisfy your refined cruise expectations.


Lastavica Cruising

18 Years of Cruising excellence
2 Luxury Cruising Ships
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