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Nigerian Homes Built From Thousands of Plastic Bottles –12x Stronger Than Brick and Earthquake Strong

New Mexico is known for its adobe dwellings, Kyoto for its wooden temples, and now, in rural Nigeria, there are villages making waves for their plastic bottle houses. Discarded plastic bottles can be found along too many miles of Earth roads—and in Nigeria, one of the most populated African countries,...

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60+ Major Companies Sign ‘Radical’ Deal to Dramatically Reduce Plastic Waste in Just 4 Years

Major affiliates supplying supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand have come together and pledged to tackle Oceania’s plastic waste crisis. Of the more than 60 companies signing on, major names include Woolworths, Coca-Cola, and Nestle, as well as several government departments. The ANZPAC Plastics Pact (ANZPAC) is a collaborative solution...

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Coldplay Adopts a Barge That Plucks Plastic Out of the River –Before it Flows to the Ocean

Our old friends, the Ocean Cleanup project has in recent years begun to fix its attention on the plastic from rivers flowing into the sea, trying to stop more plastic from getting into the ocean, so that cleaning the oceans up themselves might be easier. Now they have a little...

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India Fishermen Divert Their Catch of Ocean Plastic So it Can Be Used to Rebuild Roads

In the state of Kerala, the Jewel of South India, fishermen are taking it upon themselves to keep it that way and secure their livelihoods against plastic pollution. Their workers’ association is encouraging fisherman to save all the plastic waste fished up by their nets in order to support a...

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Innovative Packaging: Meltable Bags and Sustainable Toothpaste Tubes

Winners of the 2020 BEYONDPLASTIC Awards, a contest meant to surface for new designs to remove the use of single-use plastic packaging in society, brought innovative and elegant solutions to make common consumer items biodegradable and maybe even more important, CO2-free. The contest, launched by inventor, entrepreneur, and founder of...

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These Edible Straws Harness Nature to Replace Single-Use Plastic and Help Local Farmers

Equo Straws has launched a 100% biodegradable and compostable straw using natural ingredients sourced from local farming communities. Tran-Vu, who previously worked in brand management for consumer goods companies like Unilever, LG, and Bacardi, was inspired to build a sustainable future for her nephew, while working to support local economic...

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New Bacteria to have a "Big Impact on Climate Change"

Researchers of Cornell University have found a novel species of soil-living bacteria that’s particularly adept at breaking down organic matter—such as the cancer-causing chemicals that are being released when coal, gas, oil and refuse are burned. The newly-discovered "madseniana" bacteria was named after Gene Madsen, the Cornell microbiology professor who...

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