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Covering Crops in Red Plastic Can Boost Yields Up to 37 Percent

For centuries, humans have used greenhouses to help plants grow outside of their preferred and tolerable conditions. Now, as it turns out, it might be much better if instead of greenhouses, we built redhouses. The red spectrum of light stimulates the leaves of plants to produce more chlorophyll, and an...

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Shoes Made From Coffee Grounds and Recycled Plastic Bottles Are Waterproof and Comfy

Your morning coffee could be used to make a pair of sneakers, a Finnish startup reveals. Rens makes new shoes from old coffee, cutting back on waste in terms of space in landfills and methane emissions. 5,000 backers pledged over $500,000 to see the sneaker come to life, which uses...

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New Solution to Ridding Oceans of Microplastics Uses Acoustic Waves

Filtering microplastics from polluted water using acoustic waves is the new solution to cleaning up our oceans, according to some new research. Harmful microplastics are released into the environment as cosmetics, clothing, industrial processes, and plastic products like packaging, break down, under the influence of the environment. The plastic pollutants...

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New Solar-Powered Robot Filters Even Tiny Plastic on the beach – And 30x Faster Than Humans

4Ocean, the guys who you may have seen on Instagram selling bracelets made out of ocean plastic as a way to fund their ocean cleanup, have enlisted the help of new and extra-special beachcomber robot in their land-based campaign to end ocean plastic pollution. The electric-powered, sand-sifting BeBot can clean...

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Eco-friendly "Jelly Ice Cube" set to Transform Cold Storage: as it contains no Plastic and Doesn’t Melt

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have developed a new type of cooling cube that could revolutionize how food is kept cold and shipped fresh without having to rely on ice or traditional cooling packs. These plastic-free, “jelly ice cubes” don’t melt, they are compostable and anti-microbial, and also...

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Design Students Use Art to Reimagine Plastic Recycling – To make Lamps, Seat Covers, and More

London design students were given a challenge: take plastic that will most likely end up in the landfill, and turn it into a new raw material using as little energy as possible. Part of a competition from the London Royal College of Art, the students excelled, turning plastic into various...

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This man is Giving Free Food to Anyone in Bali Who Brings Plastic – Recycling 500 Tons in First Year

As the pandemic ground the tourism industry on Bali, as well as everywhere, to a halt, one man sought to do the same to the problem of plastic pollution, by offering rice in exchange for plastic garbage. The reaction was immediate, and compounding, as over 500 tons of plastic collected...

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