A day onboard


The start of most days onboard one of our ships is as flexible as the come. Unless you're arriving at or leaving the cruise, the day is yours for the taking, with few, if any restrictions. Every morning, there is a two hour window in which you can enjoy a rich and diverse breakfast, with a cup of coffee or tee of your choice (preferably enjoyed outside, with the blue Adriatic sprawling beneath your gaze.

Mornings are usually reserved for cruising towards our next destination, a perfect time to enjoy the sun, either on one of the deck chairs on the top deck, or in the Jacuzzi, maybe with a cocktail in hand? Remember, a ship has the ability to bend the fabric of time and space around itself, so 10 AM cocktails are not frowned upon at all, they are actually encouraged. It is your vacation, after all.

I the late morning, we usually arrive at our swim stop for the day, where we anchor, and under the watchful eyes of our crew, who ensure our health and safety, we dive in into the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. Our experienced captains tend to take us to the cleanest and most sheltered bays, where we enjoy the calm seas and the even calmer atmosphere, where only the sound of nature and our music of choice can reach us.

As we leave our swim stop, we serve lunch and start out on the final stretch of sailing for the day. As we arrive in the port and dock, the island is yours for the taking. Whether it is the cobbled stepped streets of Korčula, white marbled steep alley of Hvar or even the pristine serenity of Mljet National park, every destination on the itinerary has its own mix of architecture, nature and local atmosphere to offer, and none disappoint.

The evening usually offers many opportunities to have fun as well. A dinner in the town, couple of drinks on the boat, paired with a conversation or a dance, can be only the start of the evening. Our boat manager will be more than happy to let you know where you can find the best nightlife experience on the town, or even some places where the vibe tends to be more on the chill side.

All in all, the day aboard Lastavica or Swallow can be as relaxing or as exciting as you make it out to be, and if it is your wish, we will be with you, every step of the way.