Motorbike route

Motorbike route

Motorbike route
Day City
Saturday Zadar
Sunday Mandre (Pag) - approx. 110 km
Monday Krk - approx. 240 km
Tuesday Rabac - approx. 180 km
Wednesday Rijeka - approx. 170 km
Thursday Rab - approx. 140 km
Friday Zadar - approx. 170 km
Saturday Zadar - departure

Day 1: Zadar

You join us in the capital of Venetian Dalmatia, and once the largest city on the Adriatic. In the shade of late-medieval walls, we start on a journey of beauty and history which is Zadar, a town where eras of history and architecture flow seamlessly and coexist peacefully, as they paint the unique picture of this fascinating place. Wonderful people, food and music are just a stone’s throw away, as you take the stroll towards the Sea Organ and the Sun Monument, where some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world can be seen.

Day 2: Mandre (Pag) - approx. 110 km

We start out of the green fields of Zadar’s Ravni Kotari, and make our way towards the Island of Pag. The island stands out above all by its extremes – partly meagre, like a lunar landscape, partly covered with lush green mountain fields, where numerous sheep graze, used to produce the famous Pag cheese. We end our first day in the quiet port of Mandre, where we relax and await the next adventure.

Day 3: Krk - approx. 240 km

After breakfast, ready and rested we shall embark on the longest route in the week, which leads us back across the island Pag and then across the Adriatic highway, one of the longest and most famous roads in this part of Europe. We will travel approx. 150 km of enjoyment in curves along one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. We make our way to Krk, the town, which is conveniently located on the island bearing the same name, tied with Cres for the largest in Croatia. It is, however, the most inhabited island, which you will notice as the streets bustle with life.

Day 4: Rabac - approx. 180 km

We are ferried of to Cres, the 2nd largest island of Croatia, and after riding around the island, we board the ferry for the town of Rabac, located on the largest Croatian peninsula, Istria. As our ship joins here, we enjoy the evening with the sight of island and mountains stretching in front of us.

Day 5: Rijeka - approx. 170 km

As we leave Rabac, we enter onto the winding roads of Istria, perfect for bikes. The more we leave the beaten trail, the more we get to enjoy riding in this beautiful scenery. On our way to Rijeka, we stop at Poreč, and ancient town, full of unique monuments and architecture. As we spend the night at a major city, the opportunities are endless.

Day 6: Rab - approx. 140 km

As we leave Rijeka, we hug the coastline, and wind down the roads through the town of Senj, known for its strong bura winds, all the way to the ferry dock which will take us to the island.

After landing on the island, we near the unmistakable silhouette of Rab, whose four white stone bell towers leave no space for confusion. As you get lost in its narrow streets, you have the opportunity to study the architecture the Venetians left behind, as well as the locals, with their laid back way of being.

Day 7: Zadar - approx. 170 km

As we make our way towards Zadar, we visit Karlobag, as well as the nature park of Velebit, in the hinterlands. A truly magical area, full of endemic and indigenous flora and fauna, as well as some exciting roads and sights. After such an exciting week, full of new experiences, the well-known sight of Zadar is a welcome one, to say the least.

Day 8: Zadar - departure

Depart after breakfast.