Swallow green

As we are all becoming more aware of the huge damage plastic garbage (especially plastic bottles and straws) cause to our Eco system and marine life, we at Lastavica Cruises decided to do something about it.

Anyone who has spent at least a small amount of their time aboard a yacht or a cruise ship (in our case) soon becomes aware of the high volume of plastic that is being used and thrown away during everyday life. These plastic bottles, that we use to carry our water on board, are becoming a huge problem for our oceans. While we cannot stop our guests from having their bottled water on board a cruise ship, what we can do is focus our efforts to try to reduce the amount of plastic available on the boat.

Changing attitude toward the consumption of single-use of plastic on board is one of the ways how we can fight this issue.

The other way is to react and try to be that change in our market, in hopes that other people will notice and decide to do the same. Because, this is the only way how to change our environment – we need to become that change.

While some state that plastic takes anywhere from 500 to 1000 years to dissolve in the sea, this statement is wrong. Every single piece of plastic ever produced on our planet, exists to this day. By ingesting plastic debris, debris we humans create and that ends up in our oceans and seas, various animals can die of starvation, drowning or suffocation. They can also become entangled in various plastic waste materials and evidence of that can be found on various online channels worldwide.

While dangerous even in its current form, plastic in the sea can become even more so. What the sea does to plastic, over a long period of time, essentially is breaking it down to dangerous micro particles. These harmful particles end up in the fish and other sea creatures, coral reefs, beaches that we and our children use, and in the water we drink. The effects these particles have on human and animal bodies are severe.

Our oceans and seas are home to wide variety of life that are being devastated by huge amounts of plastic waste every day. United Nations declared that at least 800 ocean species worldwide are affected by 13 million metric tons of plastic debris that ends up in our oceans and seas. This is equal to one fully loaded garbage truck per minute.

We will keep you posted about our plans and progress, hoping that you will join us on our journey.

Become a part of our story, become the change.