Komiza is a beautiful coastal town on the western coast of the Vis Island in Croatia. The city sits in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, located at the foot of the Hum Hill, which is 587 meters high. The town has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, which has made it ideal for fishing, winemaking, and farming. The fishermen of Komiza are known for their unique Falkusa vessels.

Komiza is the perfect Mediterranean fishing village, though the last few years have seen it emerge as a popular beach resort and launching pad to the Blue Cave.

The tiny islet of Bisevo and the Blue Cave is located just five nautical miles southwest of Komiza on the Vis Island. The islet covers six square kilometers, and you would not even notice it had it not been for the remarkable Blue Grotto (Modra Spilja) or Blue Cave, which is the most outstanding cave in the region. The cave is only accessible to the non-diving public when an entrance was created by blasting a hole in the rock. It is best to visit the Blue Cave between 11 am and 1 pm on a sunny and calm day, when the brightest rays of the sun pass through an underwater opening, illuminating the cave with luminous blue light. The objects underneath the surface of the water shimmer in silver and pink, giving an appearance of an alien landscape. The effect is almost unearthly and eerie, especially if you visit the cave when it is less crowded. This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sights in all of Komiza.


Being an old fishing port, Komiza was home to many Benedictine monks who arrived here from the nearby towns of Bisevo. They went on to build several Romanesque churches and monasteries in Komiza, including the renowned St. Nicholas Church and monastery on top of a hill. Dedicated to St. Nicholas, this Benedictian church grew over time and was also expanded by Gothic and Renaissance naves. In the 17th century, a low and indented wall was built here to hold a cannon. It is well worth a short climb to reach the Church of St. Nicholas to check out the magnificent panoramic view of Komiza and the offshore islets from here.

An interesting thing to note about Komiza is that the Dalmatian dialect of Croatian has retained a lot of the old Dalmatian vocabulary, which is still commonly spoken in Komiza.

Since Komiza is a quiet and traditional fishing village, there is only one big hotel and a smattering of private accommodations throughout the town where you can book a place to stay before arriving. There is also not much to do in Komiza during the day except to just relax and rejuvenate on the beach, wander around the town, and shop at the boutiques. At night, the few bars in the town come alive to entertain visitors till the wee hours of the morning.

So make the most of your trip to Komiza by checking out the magnificent Blue Caves, the many majestic churches and monasteries, and the panoramic views of the offshore islets that you can check out from many places around town.