The Telašćica Nature Park is another natural jewel located on the southern tip of the Dugi Otok Island in Croatia. Just a short distance away from Zadar, this nature reserve is a popular tourist destination for those who love to be in nature and for those who like taking boat trips. Adventure enthusiasts and those who enjoy hiking will also like this destination.

Telašćica, along with the salt lake Mir, is one of the most famous and beautiful attractions in Croatia. The area around Telašćica is stunning, with the surrounding majestic cliffs, the mesmerizing Telašćica Bay, the nearby Kornati national park, and the numerous idyllic beaches. The Telašćica Nature Park is a must-visit for every tourist who goes to the Zadar region.

You need to pay an entrance fee to explore the Telašćica Nature Park. The costs are 40 kunas per person, and you can either pay it online or on site. There are extra charges to be paid for renting boats. The Telašćica Nature Park has its border directly on the Kornati islands, which is another national park worth checking out. You can combine both the parks in one boat trip. The nearest town to the Telašćica Nature Park is the beautiful harbor town of Sali, located on the Dugi Otok Island. You can also many excursions from the Murter Island, Sibenik or Vodice, and Biograd na Moru that will take you to the Telašćica Nature Park.


The Telašćica Nature Park is spread out over an area of nearly 70 square kilometers. Built in 1988, the nature reserve is home to many attractions, including the picturesque Telašćica Bay, the famous 200 meters high cliffs Stene, the salt lake Mir, 25 small beaches, 13 surrounding islands, and the great Grpascak Peak, which stands proud at 161 meters. There are over 500 different plant species that can be found inside this park, along with a wide variety of rare sea animals, corals, sponges, and the rare red algae.

During your trip to the Telašćica Nature Park, there are many beautiful sights to check out and things to do here. All the beautiful natural landscapes of this national park are worth seeing. You can hike along the majestic high cliffs, take a swim in the Salt Lake Mir, and enjoy the stunning views from the extremely beautiful viewpoints that are spread all throughout the park.

The Salt Lake Mir is another must-see destination. Surrounded by dense forests and lush Mediterranean vegetation, this saltwater lake is an idyllic place to rest, take a swim, and enjoy a picnic lunch.

One of the most beautiful viewpoints at the Telašćica Nature Park you should definitely visit is the Fort Grpascak. Built in 1911, the fort used to serve as a military base and is located at an awe-inspiring altitude of 150 meters. This is a popular tourist spot for those who want to explore the park on their own. From here, you will get to see some of the most incredible views of the entire Dugi Otok Island, the breathtaking nature park, and also the Kornati Islands in the distance.