The beautiful town of Tribunj in Croatia is one of the best-kept secret highlights of the northern Dalmatia region. Together with Vodice, Tribunj is easily one of the most beautiful holiday resorts on the Sibenik Riviera in Croatia. If you are planning on visiting Croatia, it is a great idea to include the pretty town of Tribunj in your itinerary. It is worth seeing the charming historic old town that sits directly on a small island next to the harbor. With its romantic stone houses and cobbled alleyways, the town is a famous tourist attraction that you just cannot miss.

Tribunj is your typical Dalmatian town and harbor located on the peninsula. Its narrow streets and densely built small and quaint houses are located just four kilometers from Vodice. The town is also known for sitting on the cleanest portion of the sea in the Adriatic. The older part of the town is located on an island that is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge.

Refugees from the nearby villages actually founded this beautiful town. You can visit many beautiful monuments here, including the Church of St. Nicholas, the Turkish Fort Jurjevgrad, the remains of the once majestic Church of the Virgin Mary, amongst others.

For sports and adventure enthusiasts, there are many enjoyable activities to indulge in here in Tribunj. Tennis, indoor soccer, bowling, sailing, and diving are just some of the exciting opportunities that await you. The clear blue sea and the rich flora and fauna of Tribunj have made it the perfect place for swimming, diving, and underwater safari. The Rupa Cove and many other smaller inlets located west of the town are home to many beaches that are popular tourist destinations. The most beautiful and popular beach here is the Sovlja Beach.

The marina at Tribunj has 240 berths and 150 places on the mainland. One of the most beautiful and unique sights to behold here is when the fishermen return from the sea. The waterfront transforms into a fresh fish and crab market. If you want to try out some of the delicious seafood delicacies of Tribunj, consider paying a visit to the tavern Bepo, Roko, and Simon. Amongst restaurants, the most famous ones are Lanterna and Tople. You must try out their fish delicacies to enjoy a taste of the local cuisine.

Just opposite the old town of Tribunj is the 60 meters high majestic Sveti Nikola Mountain. There is a charming old church located on the peak of this magnificent mountain. Many hiking trails take you to the top here, from where you get to see some of the most fantastic views of Tribunj,m the offshore islands of Logorun and Lukovnik, and on good clear days, maybe even all the way to the Kornati Islands.

As is the custom with every Dalmatian town, during the summer months, there are many traditional feasts that are organized in Tribunj. The most famous of these are the Tribunj Night and the Fisherman's Night. The most lavish celebrations of the town take place during the Feast of the Assumption (15th August) and the Feast of St. Nicholas (6th December) every year. If you want to truly enjoy the festivities and relish in the local culture, these are the best times in the year to plan your trip to Tribunj.