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Biodegradable plastic robes

Helping relieve suffering in the world is one of the main goals of Buddhist teachings, which guides the followers on their journey from birth to death. And for a Buddhist temple in Thailand, which is the focal point of our story, it’s not only food, money, and clothing that these pilgrims donate to the cause. […]

Ancient Salona

Have you ever wanted to walk in the streets of a Roman town and feel like you traveled back in time? Well, if you visit Croatia, you can! Only a few kilometers away from Split, you will find the ruins of a city once great and powerful. The origin of both Diocletian and today’s town […]

Olive pits into biodegradable plastic? YES!

A Turkish scientist has found a way to convert left over olive pits into a biodegradable plastic material, inspired by her dad’s peculiar eating habits. Duygu Yilmaz first started her innovative scientific work after she noticed her father’s unusual habit of eating olive pits in order to soothe his upset stomach. She became concerned that […]

Save the Bees! Here’s How

It’s no secret that our bees are in trouble! These little workers are very vital to our ecosystem as they pollinate our plants, flowers and 75% of our food crops worldwide. Not to mention the delicious honey they produce! Bee colonies have been rapidly decreasing, with a worrying 13 bee species going extinct since the […]

Quiet Stari Grad

In one of our previous posts, we talked about Hvar, one of the most famous island towns in Croatia, known for impromptu street parties, amazing views and a long history. But just across the other side of the island, some 20 kilometers away, in a tucked away bay, lies Stari Grad. A stark contrast to […]

Fighting pollution with Algae

When it comes to global-scale issues such as climate change, it’s usually the small, local problems that spur ordinary people into action. While the dire rhetoric of the climate crisis is a powerful driver of green technology across the globe, it was the visual pollutants floating about the waters off their favorite Dutch beach that […]

Split – From a Palace to an Oasis

I know what’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word Split: “That town has a funny name!” And it does indeed if viewed from the viewpoint of the English language. But there is so much more to this unique city than just its name; and yes, we’ve all heard […]


Hvar – one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic. Founded by the Illyrians, taken by the Greeks and brought to glory by the Venetians. Today, Hvar is undoubtedly one of the most popular Summer destinations in Europe. Whether your image of a perfect holiday is a relaxing day on the beach, exploring a rich […]

Microsoft and Giving Back

Unless you’ve been living in some sort of complete isolation since 1975., I’m sure you have heard of Microsoft. Spearheaded by Bill Gates, the worlds geekiest billionaire, this behemoth of a tech company has defined the way we view and use computers through Windows, their operating system. Currently in its 10th iteration, and with a […]

About Omiš and its Pirates

Omiš – yet another small town on the Dalmatian coast with a multi-thousand-year history and so much to offer. Often overshadowed by the city of Split, this town situated right on the mouth of the river of Cetina should definitely be given an opportunity to wow you. Founded over 2000 years ago, Omiš originates from […]