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Fighting pollution with the “milkman” concept

For many young Americans, the idea of a ‘milkman’ is a completely distant and unusual concept. But if you were part of the middle class in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, you likely saw a truck dropping off fresh bottles of milk on your porch—and you would leave empty ones outside to be picked up […]

Trogir – a Sandwiched Island Town

As if you need any more reasons to visit Croatia, allow us to give you another one. Trogir – a small, often overlooked town situated about 30 kilometers away from Split. Perfect for a day trip! While most of Trogir’s residents live on the mainland in the modern area, the old town is actually placed […]

A breakthrough in chemical recycling

Close to 45% of plastic waste is recycled annually in the UK, and this number is increasing. However, the main issue with current plastic recycling methods is that you end product is a lower-quality plastic, with worse properties than the original. Because of this, the plastic drinks bottles cannot simply be recycled into new drink […]

Diocletian’s palace 2

The Vestibule Once a monumental entrance into the residential part of the palace, and, believe it or not, until 50 years ago a residence itself with a small garden and poultry, today the Vestibule is a circular area with an open dome which serves as one way to get further into the palace. The wall […]

Unprinting some of our pollution away

Imagine your printer having an “unprint” button, that used pulses of light to remove toner, reducing the environmental impact, compared, of course, with conventional paper recycling. A Rutgers university-based team has created a new way to “unprint” paper that, unlike laser-based methods, can work with the standard, coated paper commonly used in home and office […]

A boy and a dog fight for a better tomorrow

A Labrador has become the first dog in the UK, and potentially the world, to join the fight against air pollution, all by recording pollution levels at ground level. Baggy wears a pollution monitor on her collar so she can take data measurements closer to the ground. Given that her monitor has found that air […]

Oliver Dragojević – Our Captain, The Old Seawolf

Ask any Croatian, especially if they are from the Dalmatian region, to name a few musicians who they consider to be above the rest, and I am almost 100% confident that among the usual suspects such as the Beatles, Michael Jackson and David Bowie, you will hear the name Oliver Dragojević. A kind- hearted and […]

Artificial sand solving real problems

A team of engineers, hailing from UC Berkeley, has developed a mineral-coated sand that can soak up toxic metals, like lead and cadmium from water. Paired with its ability to destroy even organic pollutants (like bisphenol A), this material could be able to help cities tap into stormwater—an abundant, but highly underused water source. These […]

Diocletian’s Palace part 1

In one of our previous posts, we’ve talked about the city of Split, which originated 1700 years ago from a palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. You can find a more detailed account of Diocletian and his life in our Split post, but just to bring everyone up to speed, he was a Roman emperor […]

Plastic into fuel

Construction workers in the US have started works on the country’s first commercial-scale plastics-to-fuel plant. Out of Ashley, Indiana, the new plant will utilize a state-of-the-art plastics-to-fuel process that sustainably recycles waste that has reached the end its use– including items that cannot readily be recycled, such like plastic film, flexible packing, Styrofoam and toys […]