Bike week.


Day 1 (Saturday), Zadar – Murter (Podvrške)

Boarding and welcoming guests in port of Zadar until 12.00 h. After we boarded the Ship successfully there will be an official greeting by the captain, followed by a welcome drink and the introducing of the crew and the bike guide in the ships saloon. Bike guide and ships crew will do a short lecture including safety on the sea, safety rules and tips, safety on the ship, after what we can officially set sail for our journey.

Our first goal on our journey will be the harbor of Preko on the island of Ugljan which is one of the twinislands. This adriatic Island in the coast of Croatia is not yet fully defined in the rouristic sense. You can find Hotels and free time activities in two of the island localities while the other still live a life without visit from the outside world. We will make our joyride out of the village Preko towards the fischer village Tkon located on island of Pašman (the two twinisland are connected with the bridge Ždrelac which is also known as „The Gate of Kornati“) where our ship will be waiting to pick us up for our first good night sleep on Island Murter, bay Podvrške.

Day 2 (Sunday), Murter (podvrške) – Šibenik

Our first breakfest on „the swallow“ is most fitting dor a Sunday morning. We continue our Adriatic adventure with a bike ride where we will visit small places like Muretr, Betina, Tribunj and Vodice, the so called Touristic Center of the region, where we will find our ship and our lunch waiting for us.

Our journey continius with the ship to the Šibenik where we will pass through a beautiful natural channel where, depending on the wishes of the guests, we can stop and bike to the „Saint Nikola“ Fortress and later to port of Šibenik where we will spend the night.

We have a free evening in town where we can visit a lot of antique sites. Some of them are the Cathedral of St. Jacob, Šibenik City Hall, the fortress of St. Michael (one of four forts spaced at Šibenik, one of them is the fortress of St. Nicholas what we passed by in the Šibenik channel),…

Day 3 (Monday), Šibenik – Skradin (NP Krka)

After the breakfast we continue to go deeper in the mainland to the bitter end what we can reach by ship, a town named Skradin where the river Krka meets the Sea. From Skradin, what is also protected as a cultural monument, you can sit on a smaller boat who will lead you to the enterance of the National park, or you can walk, bike,.. it is up to you. Ticket for National park is approx. 100,00 kn (15,00€). Krka is one of 8 National parks in Croatia where you can find remains of the former hydro power plants (It was constructed and began operations in 1895, just two days after Tesla’s hydroelectric plant on Niagara Falls became operational. It was also the first one in Europe).

We end a day with dinner on board.

Day 4, (Tuesday), Skradin (NP Krka) – Telaščica

After the breakfast we set our journey towards the one other National park of Croatia, the National park of Kornati where, in case of a good and stabile weather we can stop by in bay of Tarac where, with a one hour walk we can get to the highest elevation in National Park Kornati where you can expiriance on of the most beautiful views here.

After that we continue with the ship to the Park of nature Telaščice where we will stay for night. The vegetation in the park of nature is presented with more than 400 different plant species as well as numerious rare and endemic plants. The park is also an oasis for 14 donkeys who live freely in one of the coves of the park.

Day 5 (Wednesday), Telaščica – Savar

Today, after the breakfast we will start an „island adventure“. The reason of this advanture name is that we will bike almoust the whole island named Dugi otok (long island) which is the longest island in Croatia. In every one of the total 12 towns of this island during the summer season the locals organize theis feasts acoompanied with traditional music and authentic meals. This adventure will bring us a few striking hills, though offering beautiful view of the sea, mediterraean vegetation, olive groves, woods, fields and vineyards and it will guide us to our goal of the day, a small town named Savasr where we will have dinner on board and spend the night.

Day 6 (Thursday), Savar – Zverinac

After the breakfast We will continue where we left off yesterday. We bike to the „Veli rat“ and back to place Božava where we will board our bikes to the ship.

We will set sail to one beautiful bay where we will drop an ancor for swimming. After that we will continue to island Zverinac  for good night sleep.

Day 7 (Friday), Zverinac – Zadar

As usually, after the breakfast we set sail to island Ugljan, small fishing place Muline what is located on the verry beginning of the island Ugljan where we will unload our bikes and bike to small town Preko (we where there on our first day). In Preko we will find our ship with lunch waiting for us. There we will have a possibility to have our last swim.

After the lunch and swimming we continue to Port of Zadar where we will have a free evening and dinner.

Day 8 (Saturday), zadar (disembarkation)

On the last morning of our adventure wi’ll have breakfast and then it is time to say goodbye to the ship and the crew. The disembarcation is planned for 09.00. We are glad that you have spent this adventure with us, hope to see you again.