Kayak fishing week.

  • Activity in nature with a focus on experience, recreation and improving health condition
  • Staying in intact and ecologically clean environment
  • Acquiring new experiences and mastering new skills in terms of paddling, orientation in nature, mastering different techniques of fishing, finding fish habitat with the help of fishfinders
  • Fishing from a kayak, will provide a unique experience, even if for the first time catch is modest, you will experience the beauty of the coast in direct contact with water, put on a picnic in untouched bay, enjoy the colors colours and sounds of the sea and much more.

Day 1 (Saturday), Murter (Podrvške)

Boarding and welcoming guests on island murter, bay of Podvrške between 11.30 and 13.00 h. after we boarded the Ship successfully there will be an official greeting by the captain, followed by a welcome drink and the introducing of the crew. Fishing guides and ship crew will do a short lecture including safety on the sea, safety rules and tips, dangerous fishes on Adriatic sea, comunication between fishermans and ship Lastavica,…

After short break and preparing fishing gears and kayaks, if wanted there is an option to organize small trip to island Prišnjak by kayaks.

Dinner will be served on board of Lastavica.

Day 2 (Sunday), Murter – Skradin

We will start Sunday by dawn fishing around ship Lastavica. After the breakfast on board at 08.00 h we will departure to Skradin. On our voyage to Skradin captain and fishing leader (guide) will determine position of short fishing stop where you can fish directly from the ship or from the kayaks.

Your Catch = Your Fish while the hole tour. And if you wish, our chef will prepare them for you in his kitchen for supplement.

After the lunch it is possible to go sightseeing national park of Krka that is in the vicinity of Skradin, a small town where we will spend the night (in case that we can not spend the night in Skradin, we will go to Šibenik).

Free evening in town.

Day 3 (Monday), Skradin – Kornati – Telaščica

At dawn we sail out with ship to the fishing position on Prokljan lake. As the day before, after the breakfast, what is at 08.00 h, we continue with the ship to national park Kornati. On the way we will stop for a fishing around small island Čavlina.

After passing throu N.P. Kornati and lunch at 13.00 h, if it is possible, we will organize fishing from ship and kayaks. (in case of stopping in national park Kornati, supplement for visiting N.P. Kornati).

We will spend the night in park of nature Telaščica (supplement for spending the night) where we will offer captains dinner. The dinner will be prepared by the captain and ships crew. Supplement for dinner is 25€ per person.

Day 4 (Tuesday), Telaščica – Savar

Our Tuesday morning starts by sailng out with the ship to a ancoring piont in front of small fishing village Sali, where we will have breakfast.

After the breakfast, we will organize full day of fishing from kayaks and competition for the biggest catch. With supplement there is an option to take lunch packs with you. Fishermens will seperate in three goups and they decide on there own on the position of the fishing on the stretch Sali – Savar with escort jestski, motor kayak and ship’s tender boat. Expected arrival of fishermans in Savar is  17.00 h with assistance of escort or by there own.

By arriving at ship, after short break, there will be measurement of caught fish, proclaiming WINNER and awarding Awards and Trophies.

We end our day with deserved dinner on board.

Day 5 (Wednesday), Savar – island Žut

There is an option to start Wednesday morning with dawn fishing with kayaks while the ship is at Savar.

After the breakfast at 08.00 h we departure with ship to island Žut. Captain of the ship and fishing guide will determine about fishing postion between Sali and island Žut. After the lunch, if the weather forcast allows us, ship may continue to island Žut and the fishermans will paddle for their own to Žut escorted by jetski, motor kayak and ship’s tender boat.

There is an option to organize dinner on board or in a restaurant on island (supplement).

Day 6 (Thursday), island Žut – Murter (Podvrške)

There is an option to start this morning with dawn fishing while the ship is on Žut.

After the breakfast at 08.00 h, we departure with ship to island Vrgada where we will organize fishing and where we will have lunch around 13.00 h.

Planned arrival at island Murter until 15.00 h.

Free evening.

Day 7 (Friday), Murter (Podvrške)

After the breakfast at 08.00 h, packing our luggage and check out until 12.00 h. Our Fishing-Week ends with many new impressions.

We salute to the ship’s crew.